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The Aboriginal Skills and Training Strategy (ASETS) is the federal government’s successor strategy to the the Aboriginal Human Resources Development Strategy (AHRDS) and is designed to help improve the employment opportunities of Aboriginal peoples and enable them to fully participate in the Canadian economy in relationship based on mutual trust, respect and openness.

Funding for the Employment and Training Program is provided in part under ASETS which was established by the MInister of Human resources and Skills Development pursuant to section 7 of the Department of Human resources and Skills Development Act,  and in part under the authority of section 63 of the Employment Insurance Act.  Section 63 authorizes the Canada Employment Insurance Commission to enter into agreements with any government in Canada of any other public or private organization to provide for the payment of contributions for all or portion of

(a) The costs of any programs provided by the government or other organization that’s are similar to programs established by the Commission Part 2 of the Employment Insurance Act and are consistent with the purpose and guidelines of Part 2, and

(b) Any Administration costs that the government or other organization incurs in providing the programs

ASETS came into effect on October 1, 2010 and has expired on March 31, 2015 with an extension until March 31,2019.


The overall vision of the Employment and Training Program is for all Brokenhead Ojibway Nation members to access the skills necessary to reach their employment and career goals for a sustainable future.


The Employment and Training Program values the strengths of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Members. The program therefore uses a strength-based, empowering approach, grounded in working towards goals.


The goals of the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Employment and Training Program are to promote:

  • Skilled laborers with willingness to work;
  • Long-term employment opportunities;
  • Sustainable economic future.

The objectives are:

  • Increase individual skills capacity to support their families;
  • Promote employment and link individuals to opportunities;
  • Partnering with other service providers to support individuals.
  • Meet the diverse needs of individuals-including youth, persons with disabilities, parents in need of child care and participants facing multiple barriers to employment.

Front Reception
Lonie Bear
204-766-2850 ext. 101

Aliesha Desjarlais
204-766-2850 ext. 102

Job Coach
Dyana Chief
204-766-2850 ext. 106

Opportunities Driver
John Bear

Income Assistance Administrator
Jen Boulton
204-766-2850 ext.103

  • Volunteer recruitment, training, placement and recognition
  • Public resource room computers
  • Pre-employment preparation
  • Employment supports
  • Academic upgrading
  • Skills Training
  • Work Experience

1 Crane Lane
P.O. Box 180
Scanterbury, MB
R0E 1W0
Ph: 204-766-2850
Fax: 204-766-2753

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