Brokenhead Ojibway Nation is lead by a 5 member Chief and Council whom are elected on  2 year terms.

Chief Deborah Smith
PORTFOLIO • Treaty Days and Pow Wow- Shared by all Council • Gaming • BON Own Source Revenue Budgeting • Governance • Legal and Justice • Other Boards and Committees External of BON
Councillor Harvey Olson
PORTFOLIO • TLE and Lands • Environment Issues • Businesses, Entertainment Centre (VLT’s), Historical Village Site, BON Communications, Wavers, BON Store • Tobacco and Fuel • New Businesses • Leases and Permits • Forestry (Model and FNLP) • Economic Development
Councillor Shawn Kent
PORTFOLIO • Social Development and Income Assistance • Child and Family Services • Health BFI and BHC, NNADAP, CHR, CHN, Home & Community Care, and Headstart • Education and Daycare • Sergeant Tommy Prince School • Youth and Elders • Employment & Training